Is Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

security fence constructionHaving new ornamental aluminum fencing installed along your property is a big investment, so it is only natural to inquire first about whether homeowner’s insurance protects such an investment should a disaster occur. 

File it Under ‘Other Structures’

The short answer to this is that policies typically cover ornamental aluminum fencing — as with most fencing materials — as long as the policy includes what is known as ‘other structures coverage’. This label traditionally refers to any structure on the property separated by a clear space and/or connected to the home by a fence, utility line, or similar attachment. Fences, tool sheds, and swimming pools are the most common structures quoted under this definition. 

Most insurance policies will offer other structure coverage for 10% of your dwelling coverage at no extra charge. Meaning, if you have home insurance of $100,000, then your policy will offer you up to $10,000 (after you meet your deductible) to repair or replace ornamental aluminum fencing and/or other damaged structures automatically.

Damages That Qualify

Normal wear-and-tear and simple accidents, like accidentally denting the fencing with lawn tools, won’t typically be covered by an insurance policy. However, should a neighbor crash their car into your gate or a tree fall across your ornamental aluminum fencing, then you can apply for an estimate and earn a claim check.

Of course, if you go with a sturdy, well-built and professionally installed fence, then you are much less likely to go through an event where you’ll need expensive repairs and replacements. Learn more about installing high-quality and durable ornamental aluminum fencing by contacting us today.