7 Benefits of Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are useful in a wide variety of situations, indoors and out. Inside, chain link can separate storage spaces, create security, and can reinforce the safety of guard-railing. Chain link fencing provides a cushion for impacts while still stopping passage through barriers. It is safe for humans, animals, pets, and plants and is often chosen as a barrier in natural spaces.

Vinyl coating is an upgrade to the traditional chain link fence design. Each wire or the entire woven fence is coated in soft yet durable vinyl. The coating protects both the fence metal and any person or object that comes into contact with the fence. Today, let’s talk about the span of benefits and uses for vinyl coated chain link fence.

1) Barb-Free and Safe to Touch

Everyone is familiar with the texture of an old chain link fence. Breaks in the wire and finish roughened by weather cause old chain links to become sharp. Clothing can catch and the fence can even cause significant scratches when barbs or rough finish scrape across. A vinyl chain link fence is protected from these issues because vinyl never becomes rough. Small breaks in the fence are less likely to happen (or to be cut) because the vinyl protects the wire links. 

The vinyl either acts as a finish or protects the finish of the chain linking inside. This means that no matter how old a vinyl chain link fence gets, it is will have no barbs and will never snag clothing, skin, or packaging when touched.

2) Does Not Rust Over Time

Depending on the finish, age, and weather conditions, a chain link fence can rust. Rusting also causes sharpness, as iron becomes both rough and porous as it oxidizes. A rusting chain link fence is a security hazard, as it can crumble and is more easily cut or infiltrated. Rusting chain link can break away from itself or, more likely due to hydrodynamics, to break away from the pole where rainwater collects.

Vinyl completely protects your fence from rust in a sheath of flexible plastic. It also adds an extra layer of protection against the fence being pulled or cut apart.

3) High Visibility with Vivid Non-Metallic Colors

Chain link fences come in a limited shade of metal alloy, they are usually silver. But a colorful fence is a visible fence, and sometimes even festive. Vinyl coating thickens the lines, increasing visibility, and vinyl can be ordered in a wide variety of non-metallic colors.

Black is a great default color but brightly colored vinyl coating is excellent for making your fenced area cheerful or to clearly mark hazardous areas.

4) Ideal for Defining Human Spaces

Chain link fencing is already one of the most friendly for visible security with a cushioning bounce. Vinyl makes it even more accessible and safe for human spaces. Whether you need to separate areas in an industrial workspace or direct large crowds of tourists, vinyl on your chain link fences will ensure that no one is cut, no cargo is damaged, and that everyone can see where they’re going (and where they can’t go) without worry.

5) Safe for Animals and Children

Vinyl also makes chain link fencing ideal for protecting children and animals. Creatures who are able to accidentally hurt themselves and may be prone to biting the fencing need a safe containment solution. Daycares often use vinyl chain link fencing around the playgrounds to ensure that children who touch the fenceline are still safe. Kennels and homeowners also use vinyl chain link fencing for dogs that tend to chew the fence or bounce off it regularly.

6) Easy and Safe to Wash with a Hose Sprayer

Washing chain link fencing requires a sprayer hose to do efficiently. Vinyl can always be washed clean because it remains a smooth surface over years of use. A hose with good water pressure and some attention is all you need to safely clean your vinyl coated chain link fence.

7) Longer Chain-Link Fence Lifespan

Last but not least, vinyl will extend the potential lifespan of your chain link fence. Vinyl protects your fence from the elements like rain and UV rays, avoiding hazards like a wearing finish or rusty chain links. This means the metal is better preserved and the entire fence is more likely to last longer than a traditional chain link fence.

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