6 Myths about Vinyl Chain Link Fencing that Should be Ignored

Vinyl chain link provides numerous benefits, and can be used for a nearly endless variety of purposes. Even so, many Twin Cities residents have misconceptions about this fencing that should be put to rest. Here are a few myths about vinyl chain link fencing that you should ignore.

Myth #1: Vinyl Fencing does not that Last Long

Unlike some metal fencing, vinyl will not rust. It consists of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which resists impact from hail or storm damage. Most varieties also contain some form of titanium dioxide pigment to prevent fading.

Vinyl chain link can withstand the harsh winters and brutal summers that Minnesota is so well known for. It is unlikely to crack or break due to fluctuating temperatures, partly because it does not expand and contract like wood or other materials. So it can actually last two or even three times as long as other types of fencing.

Myth #2: It is Difficult and Costly to Repair

Vinyl chain link is very durable, and will probably require very few repairs over its lifetime. That’s because the very nature of this material makes it highly resistant to weather damage. In the event you do need repairs, it is easy and affordable to fix. This is true even when entire sections of fence have been severely damaged and must be replaced.

Myth #3: It Makes a Lot of Noise

The only time you should notice sounds coming through your fence is during a heavy windstorm. Under normal conditions, you will likely hear little or no noise at all. So unless you live in a very windy area, this should not be a problem at all.

The right installation techniques will reduce the amount of noise you hear during a windstorm as well. Here at Security Fence & Construction, we ensure your fence is secured properly in order to eliminate as much banging and clanging as possible.

Myth #4: It is Hard to Maintain

Regular chain link may develop rust spots that would eventually need to be painted over. Vinyl chain link on the other hand does not rust, and will never need to be repainted. As such, the only maintenance you’ll need is an occasional power-washing to eliminate dirt and grime. Compare that to the amount of maintenance required with other materials, and you will see that vinyl chain link is much easier to care for.

Myth #5: Vinyl Chain Link is too Expensive

Vinyl-coated fencing may cost you slightly more initially. However, it will also provide you with greater longevity and fewer repairs over its lifetime. When you consider these factors, vinyl chain link might actually save you money in the long run. So you may want to consider vinyl over regular chain link if you plan to remain in your home for a few years.

Myth #6: There aren’t Many Color Choices

You may believe this myth because you have only seen a few different colors. While it’s true that most people choose black, brown, green, or white, the fact is that there are actually hundreds of different color choices available.

Custom colors are even available in many cases, as well. Choosing a shade that will blend in with your terrain or match your home’s exterior can therefore be rather easy.

Vinyl Chain Link offers Numerous Advantages

Do you want fencing that is durable, attractive, and affordable? If so, vinyl chain link would be a great option for a number of reasons. Here at Security Fence & Construction, we have a number of colors and styles available, one of which is surely right for your Minneapolis home. To learn more, please contact us.