4 Reasons Why Aluminum Picket Fences Are a Great Fit for Your Store or Restaurant

Ornamental aluminum fencing looks like wrought iron fencing. It’s constructed with support posts every six feet and then plied with panels of vertical pickets. These pickets are thin and allow visibility beyond the fence. They can also be decorative. Just like with wrought iron fences, the tops of each picket can have ornate detail, decorative spires, or blunt edges for a contemporary style.

But, unlike their wrought iron equivalents, aluminum picket fences are lightweight and made primarily from aluminum. They offer all of the security and appeal of wrought iron without the concerns about corrosion or the added heft (and the costs that come with that during delivery and installation).

Which is better for your business: aluminum panel fences or picket fences?

Picket-style fencing isn’t the only aluminum fence style available for commercial properties. Another common style is aluminum privacy panels, which are solid panels that don’t allow for any visibility. These are usually formed to mimic traditional wood fencing or hold other designs and patterns.

Each fencing type has its own drawbacks and benefits. But if you’re adding fencing to the front of your commercial or anywhere near shoppers, picket fences are the superior choice.

The last thing you want to do is make your business seem inaccessible. Solid fences do precisely that, even if your store is open for business. Picket fencing is also more attractive and can add a great deal of curb appeal to your property. 

As a general rule, line the front of your property, outdoor eating pavilions, and other outdoor spaces for shoppers with an aluminum picket fence. Save the solid panels for industrial areas or off-limits spaces toward the back of the building.

4 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Customer-Facing Businesses

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not aluminum fencing is the right fit for your property, here are four more benefits to keep in mind:

1. Attractive fencing adds value to the property.

No matter what your plans are for your business, it’s important to keep an eye on the sellability of the property. Commercial spaces need to be maintained and look a certain way to stay viable on the market. If you have a customer-facing business, a chain link fence won’t attract commercial property buyers. Instead, invest in a more stylish fence that buyers know will attract shoppers.

2. Aluminum picket fences are low-maintenance.

The last thing you want is a fence that comes with a long list of maintenance requirements. But aluminum fences are powder coated or painted to be sealed against corrosion, impact damage, and even UV radiation. They don’t need to be sealed and stained regularly like wood fences. Also, because you have pickets instead of panels, even dirt and mud won’t be easily visible blemishes after a heavy rainstorm.

3. Fences deter trespassers without creating blind spots.

Fences aren’t just supposed to look pretty and define the space. They also need to keep intruders out, especially at night when business is closed. Aluminum fences are strong enough to do precisely that. At the same time, they don’t create blind spots. So your security cameras can record attempted break-ins and motion sensors can turn on the lights.

4. They’re more likely to be allowed by your city.

Cities and counties have strict regulations regarding constructions on commercial properties. Depending on where your property is, you might not be allowed to pick whatever type of fence you want, and some restrictions can change long after you install a fence. Hedge your bet with aluminum picket fencing. Cities prefer it because it doesn’t obstruct parking lot visibility and because it looks aesthetically pleasing.