3 Tips For Maintaining Wood Fences

If you have a wood fence, then you already know it can be a lot of work. Wood is tough, and it can be beautiful, but if you neglect it for too long then soon it’s going to grow gray, brittle, and it might even splinter. If you want to keep your fence strong, and looking good, here are three, simple tips that will prolong its years.

Tip #1: Paint, Stain, or Seal

While there is something appealing about the look of raw wood, you have to make sure your fence is protected from the elements. If you’re not going to paint it, then you have to stain or seal the wood in some way. This prevents damage from wind, rain, cold, and all the other environmental hazards your fence has to weather day in and day out.

This isn’t a one-and-done job, either. Just like you have to repaint on occasion, you’ll have to sand and re-stain or re-seal your fence to keep its protection strong.

Tip #2: Termite Prevention

Termites are the bane of wooden fences, particularly in areas with moist soil. Rather than repairing a fence that’s been infested, though, you can save a lot of time and effort by making your fence unappealing for termites in the first place.

If parts of your fence are going to be buried, make sure they’re treated, or coated in something that repels these pests. Alternatively, keep all the wooden parts of your fence exposed to the air, which will keep them from being gnawed on by these little white wood killers.

Tip #3: Repair When You Need To

Fences are made up of a thousand little parts. When something goes wrong, all you have to do is replace the broken part. However, if you let problems fester, then your fence might collapse like a phalanx with a drooping shield. So if you see a post that’s leaning, or you notice a crooked board, don’t wait. Replace and repair those problems as soon as you can to prevent more damage from happening.

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