3 Times Chain Link Fences Belong in Your Yard

Chain link fences are a handy tool. Whether you want to mark out your new property line or you want to add more protection to your backyard, it’s a great material to work with. Here are three times that adding a chain link fence should be on the top of your to-do list:

1. Do you have a dog?

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they no friend to your backyard. Even well-trained dogs can cause damage, especially if part of your backyard is devoted to a garden. They can scratch up the turf, clamber over outside storage, and, even worse, escape. Use chain link fencing to:

  • subdivide your yardIf you have a big enough yard, you can give your dog its own section. That protects the rest of the space so your garden, outdoor tools, patio, and fence have a bit of peace.
  • line the bottom of your fence. Some dogs like to dig. If your dog is a master escape artist and it always seems to find a way out under the fence or through a gap, line the interior with a chain link fence. The fencing can be installed with a few inches underground to deter digging along the barrier.

If you need a primary fencing material and you’re looking for the best design, chain link fencing works as a stand-alone barrier, too. You can choose the right height for your property. Your dog can also watch the neighborhood to deter potentially destructive boredom.

2. Do you have a garden?

Even if you don’t have a dog, there are plenty of animals in the area who would want a chance to pick their way through your garden. In rural areas, you need to keep deer, wild hogs, and raccoons back. Even in the suburbs, there are plenty of rabbits and cats that want to get inside. 

A chain link fence is a solid choice for keeping your garden safe. Animals won’t be able to scratch their way through it, and a tall enough fence without deterrence wiring along the top will keep all but the most determined animals on the other side of the fence. At the same time, you can easily keep an eye on the garden from inside your house. You don’t have to go see if an animal found its way inside.

Even better, a chain link fence is a perfect growing surface. Line the exterior edge of your garden with vining plants and flowers that deter rodents, insects, and unwanted spiders. Tie half of an A-frame trellis to the top so you have a secure surface for peas and vining vegetables without getting them near the outside edge.

3. Does your property have no fence?

A lot of properties enter the market with no fence at all. If you have a house or a plot of land that only has the pink property edge markers, you need a fence that better delineates the edge of your property. A chain link fence is a perfect solution. You can erect the fence quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other fences without sacrificing strength. 

While a chain link fence doesn’t block your yard or land from sight, it does clearly mark that the property is yours. This fencing is also easy to add onto: if you want to elongate the fence to wrap around your front yard, that’s an easy adjustment. If you have rural property and you want to augment the fence with razor wire, you can have that done quickly. Chain link fences come in a lot of strength styles and with different covering materials. Find the chain link design that’s the best fit for protecting your property line.

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