3 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Bumper Guards

As you consider how best to guard your commercial property, installing a new fence is a good first step. A strong, well-maintained fence will help you protect your investment. But while a high-quality fence will ward off damage from the outside, you should consider a second layer of protection inside the gates. This is where commercial bumper guards come into play. 

What Are Commercial Bumper Guards?

When properly installed, commercial bumper guards protect your external structures and fence lines from incidental damage from the following:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy machinery 

Though they come in various sizes and styles, commercial bumper guards all have the same basic function. They provide a buffer between your structures and any potential damage that could be headed their way on a busy commercial property. 

Commercial bumper guards are a perfect fit for these types of locations:

  • Loading docks
  • Busy parking lots 
  • Congested service areas
  • Commercial pick-up/drop-off locations

3 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Bumper Guards

Though commercial bumper guards can be seen as an added expense, there are reasons why they make a good investment.

Reason 1: They help you meet safety requirements.

Every state has different commercial safety requirements. Here in Minnesota, both commercial vehicles and commercial properties are subject to routine safety inspections. The purpose of these inspections, of course, is to ensure that those operating and working around commercial vehicles are doing everything possible to keep one another safe. 

Safety inspectors aren’t in the business of simply giving people a hard time. Their specific responsibilities include

  • Prioritizing specific industries and occupations to be inspected in a calendar year
  • Following up on reports of imminent danger
  • Investigating complaints from employees or the general public
  • Researching cases of hospitalization or fatality on the job site
  • Ensuring that previously identified violations have been corrected

Installing commercial bumper guards is a simple and affordable way to create a safer workspace for everyone involved. 

Reason 2: They’ll lower your long-term maintenance costs.

Operating your commercial property without commercial bumper guards does not mean you’ll save money. In fact, you’re likely to spend a whole lot more in the long run. Every time even the slightest damage to your property occurs, you’ll have to shell out money to fix it. Even when the incidents are small and the damage minor, these charges tend to add up over time.

While commercial bumper guards do require a financial investment, once they’re installed, your costs of maintaining your property will drop over time. That means the longer your guards are installed, the less you’ll have to pay in repairs and the more money you’ll save on minor issues such as:

  • Scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Dents

The need to repair these and other sorts of incidental damage will be eliminated with a good set of commercial bumper guards.   

Reason 3: Their installation will raise your property’s resale value.

If you ever do decide to sell your business, any improvements you have made over time will simply raise the value of your property. So not only will your commercial bumper guards increase workplace safety and decrease your long-term maintenance costs; but they will also ultimately increase your property’s long-term value.   

And that’s a true win.

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